CECA Managerial Development Programme

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Welcome to Sodak’s online course companion, this helps us teach modern management and systems for behavioural change rooted in the data driven study of behavioural science.
Over the course we’ll introduce you to ideas and practices that will give you a greater understanding why people do what they do and how to create an environment that helps people know what the company needs them to do.
There will be 6 modules where we meet up, with a 2 week gap between each group of 2 modules. During the 2 week gap we’ll have content for your to review and complete on this course companion that will support your learning and help frame the upcoming modules.
Looking forward to working with you,
Steve and Paul

An overview of the course:
Pre-cource material: Articles and videos to help warm up for the course
12/10/16 – Module 1: What brought us here, an intro to behaviour science and ways to analyse your business.
13/10/16 – Module 2: What management styles are out there at the moment, their benefits, their limits and the behaviours they create.

2 week gap with exercises and online content.

26/10/16 – Module 3: Emerging management styles, when they work, when their suitable and when they are not.
27/10/16 – Module 4: Behaviours needs for these to flourish, what is suitable for your organisation.

2 week gap with exercises and online content.

9/11/16 – Module 5:  Contextualising and analysing what’s possible and realistic in your organisation.
10/11/16 – Module 6: Designing and prototyping a strategy that works for your organisation.