CECA Managerial Development Programme Winter ’18

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Welcome to Sodak’s online course companion, this accompanies and compliments the face to face sessions that we will have together but offers some one to one feedback and discussion.
We’ll be introducing you to ideas and practices that will give you a greater understanding of why people do what they do and how to create an environment that helps individuals achieve what their company needs from them.
The course comprises six modules, each taking place over one day at CECA Scotland HQ in Stirling. There will be a  week break in between our two day meetings. During these gaps we’ll provide online content for you to review and complete right here in this course companion.
The content is to help you explore new concepts that support your learning from the previous modules and help frame the upcoming modules.  You’ll submit your thoughts on the material and we’ll open a conversation with you around this, giving our thoughts and opinions.
We’ll then open these up in class to explore how our individual thoughts relate to others on the course and to our work.
There will typically be 2 articles and 1 video to think about each week.
Looking forward to working with you,
Steve, Paul and Bob


An overview of the course:

The only pre-course material: Sign up to the online companion.
27/11/18 – Module 1: What are we doing here?
28/11/18 – Module 2: Management  – Looking at the past, exploring the present and imagining the future.

1 week gap with exercises and online content

4/12/18 – Module 3: Integrity, creativity and innovation.
5/12/18 – Module 4: Ways of thinking.

1 week gap with exercises and online content

11/12/18 – Module 5:   Listening, collaborating, doing.
12/12/18 – Module 6: Back to reality – How will you improve your industry?