Introduction to behavioural science for business.

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This is an introduction to behavioural science for business. This is a version of a course that we deliver to our clients who want to apply behavioural science to the improve the way they operate. In this version, we will explore the basic principles of behavioural science around a context that will be made specific by you. In other-words, I’ll tell you about the principles and through a bit of face to face discussion between us and some out of class exploration, reading and research by you we’ll, make this a useful little journey.

Usually, we teach this stuff through 6 modules over 8 weeks. With you, we are doing 3 modules over 6 weeks or so. The bits we wont be covering are the specific application and development of behavioural change plans that we ‘work-up’ with our usual clients for their businesses. But, there is still a lot to get through so you’ll be asked to read a fair bit and also watch a few videos.

We’ll be covering –

  • Business, management, behavioural science and you
  • An introduction to behavioural science
  • Behavioural Pinpointing
  • How you Operate
  • Seeing others differently
  • Thinking about what to change
  • Performance
  • Consequences
  • Behavioural Integrity

  • Please follow the week by week instructions, comment on what you read and watch and I’ll comment back.
  • There are 3 face to face modules that will go along with the online information. The face to face sessions are from 2pm until 5pm on –

  • Monday 14th November
  • Monday 21st November
  • Monday 28th November

A book accompanies this course, it is serialised as above and available to download as a pdf each week. Or, if you prefer, there is a full copy here. An audio version of most chapters is available too; a link is supplied within each lesson to a soundcloud file.

Looking forward to exploring some stuff with you that we are really passionate about.

See you soon!